Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days Of Summer

June is upon us... and so the start of Hurricane Season has officially kicked off. Nothing brewing at the moment, but naturally we are fully engulfed in our daily rain storms. This is typical of the season. It looks like this year the storms are around 3pm or so... although I haven't been tracking them as close as in earlier years.. I'll try to get a better look at them over the next week or so..
That being said, after today's little deluge Rachel discovered the joy of puddles! We went out on the lanai and there were great big puddles for her to jump around in... and jump she did... so hard at one point that she splashed her shirt!
She also spent today rediscovering a present she got from Tom's cousins for Christmas... a really cute baby doll. The past few days I'd seen her trying to carry her Elmo Live doll around, patting it on the back, hugs & kisses, etc... but Elmo Live is not meant to be schlepped around! He has too many mechanical parts that might break! So I pulled out the doll again to see if she would take interest... and she sure did...
She spent the day carrying around her baby, hugging it, kissing it, and finally sitting on the floor with the dog on one side and dolly in her lap and she was reading to them both... it was beyond cute. I wanted to get pictures, but NATURALLY... the moment I went for the camera, they were done... oh well.. next time!
OH... and Penny has become a total whimp about thunder! She has always hated loud noises, but was ok around summer time with all the storms.. not today. Today when the rains came, she began shaking and actually jumped in my lap like a quivering chihuahua... a little uncomfortable, considering she's weighing in around 65 lbs or so... we might have to get her some doggie downers for the 4th of july if this is how she's gonna act.

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