Friday, June 12, 2009

How Do You Sleep

Well, it was another sleepless day. We haven't had anything very exciting going on lately, which I guess is a GOOD thing! We have been on pins & needles with Tommy's job... like every other industry, his place is having some problems, so they have instituted mandatory days off. He was supposed to be off tomorrow (Friday) this week and will be off Thursday & Friday next week... We caught a bit of a break because today they asked him to come in after all tomorrow because they got in a hot job that needs to get out right away. Considering the fact that he would be using up all the remaining sick / vacation days, we were relieved that they want him in tomorrow. It's gonna be a pathetic pay check for him this month anyway, but at least it will be 1 day less painful! We have to wait and see how things go the rest of this month and July is probably going to be just as bad.

So I opted to work a little OT to try to offset losing money from his check. I hate having to give up my days off, but unless we hit the lotto, we will be in really bad shape otherwise!
Ok, enough of the depressing stuff... here are some random pics of the little princess. There are even a couple from Memorial Day that my friend Nicole took. I just got them, so decided to post them here.
Rachel & her Best Bud Penny...
I can never seem to get a good picture of the both of them together... at least one of them always has a goofy face!

This will give you a good idea just how BIG Fred has gotten!
and yes, I am planning on going to the Shell Factory on Sunday to see if they would be willing to take him in... he really needs to be around friends!

These are from Memorial Day...
Rachel & her pal Alexis...Lexi can't wait to babysit this summer when she is out of school...
The party was just about over for the little princess... she was SO tired by this picture!

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