Saturday, May 30, 2009

Almost Cut My Hair

So today, I broke down and bought an air card for my laptop. Here I sit at almost 3am at work, and I am finally able to update this blog on a more regular basis! I'm gonna like this!

Today was full of fun... a little background... we have a fenced in area of the yard for the dog, right off the lanai. We leave the screen door open a little so Penny can go out to do her business or play or whatever without us, since our time is a little more occupied now with little Miss running all over the house.

SO... I go out there this afternoon to find a grackle flying around the lanai! (for those who don't know, a grackle looks like a crow that shrunk in the wash)

So I'm trying to figure out how to scoot this guy out before he puts a hole in the pool cage... I walked slowly towards him with the pole from the power sprayer. First he flew around it, under it, over it, etc... then he landed on it but jumped off as soon as I tried to move it... finally he ended up on the ground in the corner of the pool cage. I walked closer, and the little guy actually let me pick him up! I held him with one hand and petted it gently with the other while I walked him out to the door and I set him free... and before anyone freaks, yes I scrubbed my hands really well and even used hand sanitizer.

After that, we headed out to get the air card... from there, it was off to my parents. Mom fed the munchkin some dinner while dad colored my hair. Phew... what a busy day!

Rachel has also discovered she really likes corn on the cob... you can't see it in this picture, but she had it in her hair, up her nose, and naturally all over her legs.. but she still munched away! These pics are actually not from today, but I didn't take any today so these are for fill in purposes! :-)

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Kate's Proud Mommy said...

She is so stinking cute!!! I love technology, and being able to keep up on you guys. (: Hugs!! Karin&mine

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