Monday, May 03, 2010

Sick & Tired

This week has been a bit crazy, with my mom going back into the hospital for yet another surgery. That alone, has me just furious. Long story short, my mom trusted this doctor who was a complete & total JERK. On TWO different occasions, the moron did a colonoscopy on her and declared her clean & cancer free.  and BOTH times, he was TOTALLY WRONG.  Luckily this time was not as long away from the test as last time. This time, her oncologist insisted that she see another gastroenterologist and have another colonoscopy. Thank goodness... because they found such a bad blockage that they needed to go back in and remove it.  They also said there is no way she could have had a colonoscopy just a week earlier, because they couldn't get thru with the wire & camera! Now I am curious what the other guy was doing while he was apparently pretending to do her colonoscopy!  So anyway, this whole week, she's been in the hospital.  She did great the day following the surgery, but then started having a lot of pain and feeling so miserable, she didn't even want me to bring Rachel up to see her. That's when you KNOW she's not herself...  But on the bright side, she is finally starting to feel a little better, and she is due to come home tomorrow barring any unforseen issues.   I brought Rach over to see her a few times during this week. I couldn't go every day, but whenever we could, we were there.  
Mostly, we've been hanging here at home. Rachel is loving playing on her "Playground" as often as possible. It's great but we have to keep a close watch on the wasps... they keep building nests either under the swings or the ladder that leads to the slide.
She's growing by the minute these days too.  She is getting to be quite the little emotional doll too. As soon as anyone says they have a "boo boo", she responds with "Don't worry, I kiss it so it's all better"... She makes me melt every time!

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