Saturday, May 29, 2010

Behind the Wall of Sleep

It's been a hectic week around here. This weekend is our annual Memorial Day Shrimp Boil.  Every year since we have been living in our house, we have hosted a party on the Sunday of Memorial weekend. Tommy makes this fantabulous meal, and we have as many of our friends & family here as possible!  The shrimp boil consists of Shrimp, Clams, Potatoes, Corn on the Cob, Kielbasa and Onions, all cooked together in a huge lobster pot... It is beyond yummy. So before the cooking begins, I make my husband absolutely nuts trying to get the house ready for all the company.  This is the same every single year, so I don't know why it should come as a shock to him, but it always does!  Of course this year, it was a lot harder than in the past, since I am just not physically capable of doing what I used to, so we actually had to hire someone to help with the cleaning. I really REALLY hope the Dr's up in Boston can fix this mess... I know Fibromyalgia is miserable, but it's really getting old already.  (If everyone reading can keep fingers & toes crossed, I'd sure appreciate it!)

As for our little princess, she is just as amazing as ever.  This week she has been spending most of her "free time" working her favorite Melissa & Doug wooden puzzle. She has also been helping a lot with picking up around the house. And of course, not a day goes by that she doesn't ask to go in the pool.  She really loves being in the water, and it still amazes me how well she has been swimming!  My folks also have stopped by a few times this week too.  Any time they are out and about (usually running from one doctor to another) they come by here to see their precious baby girl... This is the end result of a little visit with my folks and Rach being chased around the family room by her Papa!  After my folks left, I was ready to get into my PJ's and Rach followed me to my room.  While I was changing, she climbed up on my bed and this is where I found her, all snuggled into my pile of pillows....  and she had her favorite body guard on duty as well... and if I'm not mistaken, my dad was probably in the same exact position not too long after he got home! LOL...  She really can knock ya out!

One of the favorite things about weekends lately is that Rachel's favorite friend Arora gets to come play with us!  Margie brings her here every evening while she takes her "insane" 2 mile walk!  We LOVE that Margie goes for a nice long walk because it means Arora & Rachel get some quality play time in.  They have SUCH a good time playing together!
Today, the girls made playdough spaghetti & meatballs, played on Rachel's playground, and just ran around giggling up a storm.  Margie came back and shared some BEAUTIFUL pictures she took of the local Poincienna trees in full bloom... here are a couple of the wonderful pictures she took of our neighbor's tree.  It is so amazing, because this is actually from a piece of another tree on the same lot that had been damaged during Hurricane Charlie.  It was like a little tiny cutting.  In the meantime, I have a Jacaranda (same family, but instead of blood orange flowers, it has lavender flowers) that has only had flowers on it once in the past 8 years!!!  My neighbor has a true green thumb.  Yes, I AM jealous!

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