Sunday, May 09, 2010

Mother Love

Mother's Day... a day that used to bring me down, but not anymore!  My life is so much more fulfilled now that I am the mother to this amazing little girl.
My Mother's Day started with my beautiful little girl & her fantastic daddy coming into the bedroom with all kinds of goodies!  First, I got the most gorgeous roses... This picture just doesn't do them justice!
I also got a nice squishy pair of slippers (which is what I asked for) and a beautiful card.  Tommy left for his regular routine, so Rach & I had some breakfast, and then decided it was a perfect day for a swim!
Rachel was all for it.  She couldn't WAIT to get into the water, but she was really good and waited for her mommy to get organized first!

Since it had been quite a while since we had been in the pool (it was just a wee bit too chilly until recently) I wasn't sure if she would remember the things she had started learning back in the early fall... well, she sure shocked ME!  She is swimming!!  REALLY swimming!!!  This pic will give you an idea! She was halfway into the deep end of the pool and was swimming all by herself!  Too cool...
We continued swimming until Daddy came home, and then had a little lunch and a much needed nap before we were supposed to head out and meet Nana & Papa for dinner!
My main request for Mother's Day was that I really wanted a lobster dinner.  We headed out to a fantastic restaurant here in town.  Ariel's usually does something special for holidays, and this was no exception.  Mom, Tommy & I all ordered the 2 pound lobster.
My dad thinks lobsters are too much work... LOL...

We really had a great dinner. I was really glad mom was well enough to come out. With all she went through the past couple of weeks, I was really worried she wasn't going to be up for it...  but I should have known better... after all, she was going to eat lobster AND she was going to see her precious grandbaby!!  Of COURSE she would be going!   We all enjoyed our dinners, and even had room for a little dessert!  That is a rare treat for me! I am usually SO stuffed after dinner I couldn't consider it! But this time, we just got a tiny dessert and we shared it.
Then it was time to head for home and relax... I couldn't WAIT to get my feet into my new slippers!

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