Sunday, April 18, 2010

Daisy Jane

Today, I FINALLY put this gorgeous dress on Rach to take some pictures.  This was a gift from one of her China sisters, and I've been REALLY bad because I waited far too long to let her try it on!  So first, a HUGE Thank you Aunt Shazia for this beautiful Daisy dress! (I was a total slacker, though, and completely forgot to put the matching necklace on her!)  Oh, and thank you also to Aunt Sophie... for teaching Mommy how to put in pig tails!  I know... everyone can stop laughing... I grew up surrounded by hairdressers, spent half my life in a salon, and I couldn't figure out how to do this without step by step instructions!
But in my own defense, I never had to deal with such silky, super fine hair before now! 

 And before anyone asks, they lasted about 45 minutes before she insisted I take them out of her hair. She made me take out the pretty clips as well as the little rubber bands! I'm SO glad I got to take a bunch of pictures of her BEFORE she got her way!   As for the dress, I hung it back up quickly before she had a chance to get it dirty.  Then it was time to play, so I put her back into her play clothes... which ended up covered in cookie in no time flat!  She really wanted to go out to the BIG swing & slide, but it was pouring out all day long.  That's why I'm really glad I haven't gotten rid of the Little Tikes "castle" that we've had forever...  at least it gives her something to play with during these rainy days...

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