Saturday, April 10, 2010

Baby Let's Swing

So it's Spring Break here in Florida... ok, so it really doesn't matter since Rach isn't in school yet, but the good part of spring break is that Margie has had her granddaughter Arora staying with her for the week. So every afternoon, Margie goes for her walk around the block and Arora comes here to play with Rachel!  It's been terrific. Rach REALLY likes playing with Arora, and they get along fantastically!  They usually spend a bit of time outside on the swing set, then they run around the yard a while, and by the time Margie is through with her laps, we all go inside for a "water break" (which is more for Margie than everyone else, but it's the perfect excuse to get the girls back in the house!)

Then the kids play a while more while Margie & I get to play catch up on the days events, and when it comes time for them to go home, Rach is ready to have dinner and call it a day! It's been so wonderful all week... I'm sure she's going to miss having her friend come over every day!  But we will be looking forward to more play time with the girls this summer, since Arora will probably be spending a lot of time at her Grandma's house again!  Yay!

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