Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Girls On The Beach

So we decided it was a great day to go to the beach with my folks. I was going to try to catch a little nap before we went, since I only got about an hour after coming home from work, but that wasn't quite in the cards.. oh well...
So we got the munchkin up a little early from her nap, dressed her in one of her cutie swimsuits, and headed to Ft Myers Beach. It was gorgeous out... not too hot, a little breezy, just beautiful. The area of the beach where my parents like to go is pretty cool, because they have bathrooms, showers, etc. So we bring a change of clothes and we can go out for dinner after lounging in the sand!
Rachel had a BLAST. She loves the water, and seems to be a little like her mama... she tolerates the sand. Barely. Every few minutes after playing with the shovel & bucket she would come to me to wipe the sand off her hands!
We had lots of fun playing with the shells, digging in the sand, and of course, playing in the WATER!
Rachel didn't even seem to mind getting that salt water in her mouth! As long as she was getting wet, she was happy!

We didn't stay that long on the beach, just because we knew we were going to have to get ready for dinner. So when Rach started showing a few signs of being tired, it was definitely time to get out of the water & head to the restaurant! We were on our way to Anthony's on the Gulf... another of our favorite restaurants. The food was out of this world, as usual! And thankfully they are in the Entertainment Book! WOOHOO!

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KnockOnWood said...

WOW, the beach on October 25th...and she even got in the water. you must be having a heatwave.

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