Monday, October 05, 2009

Along Came a Spider

What a fantastic Sunday we had! Since we have been home from China, Tommy & I really haven't had a night out all by ourselves. We aren't complaining, but it was really nice, having a grown up night out! Especially since it almost didn't happen!
For the past couple of weeks, I had tried to get tickets to go see Alice Cooper doing his latest Theatre of Death show right here in Ft Myers! Every time I went online to the theatre box office, it gave another lame excuse for not being able to buy them...
Then we just gave up. Until yesterday. Tommy decided to drop by the box office on his way home and see what kind of seats they might have available since the show was the same day!

Well, as you can see from our pictures, we got some AWESOME seats for our first night out in forever! We went to dinner with my folks, and when we were done, they took Rach to their house and we headed out to the BB Mann Theatre! Got there in plenty of time... actually, I think we got there a little too early... we could have easily missed the opening act...

But then, the star of the Theatre of Death landed on the stage... all I could say was... WOW.... He looked as good as ever, and sounded... well, Incredible!!! He did a few numbers from his latest album, but I was especially excited because he did so many numbers from my favorite album of his, Welcome to my Nightmare...
It was a terrific show. And he was "killed" 4 times during the night, including the always fun Guillotine!

When the show was over, we actually contemplated hanging around the tour bus... ah... if it were only 10 years ago... and not raining... and we weren't so tired... and didn't have to go pick up the baby... and... Boy, we are old! LOL... But not too old to rock out with Alice... How cool.

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