Sunday, November 01, 2009

(everyday is) Halloween

We had a great day yesterday. Halloween 2009 was a big hit with our little munchkin! This year, she was dressed as a silly faced pumpkin. And even better, this year Halloween fell on Saturday, so her Daddy got to go with us around the neighborhood!
By the time we got to the 3rd house, Rachel figured out how to say "Trick or Treat!" I was totally shocked, since we hadn't really tried to teach it to her that at all! She just heard us & the other kids saying it as the house doors opened!

It also did not take very long before she figured out exactly what was happening... she was getting candy... LOTS of candy... and she liked it... and it was good! We did not let her have any of the candy yesterday, since we got home so late and she barely touched her dinner... we decided to wait and let her have one piece at each snack time. Anyway, we walked around the immediate neighborhood for a while and then we headed for home. Margie & Charlie & the crew were all coming trick or treating to our neighbrohood, so I wanted to get home and finish cooking. I had started making an experimental dinner that I couldn't wait to try. I made a chicken Marsala but each piece of chicken was layered with fresh spinach, Prosciutto & Mozzarella cheese. Then topped with Marsala sauce with mushrooms... Perfect timing, since Margie & Charlie arrived in time to stay for dinner too! They hung out with us while their kids & grandkids hit all the houses by us. Dinner was a HUGE hit. Tommy was RAVING about it. Now he usually likes my cooking and I don't think he has EVER said anything wasn't good, but this time he was really impressed. Charlie loved it too. (Margie wasn't feeling well). All in all, it was a really terrific day, even though I had to leave and go to work. That part is NEVER good. Oh well...
So today is my Dad's birthday. It's also my friend Z's birthday... well, I'm too far away to celebrate with Z, which kinda stinks... but we are going out for dinner tonite with Dad. I have been working all day with Rach trying to get her to say Happy Birthday Papa... she gets the Happy & the Papa with no problem, but birthday... well that one is a bit trickier... we'll see how she does tonite! I'll try to post pictures before bed!

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