Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Night Fever

Yes, once again, I've been a total slacker about updating this blog... I'm really trying. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to bring our computers to work anymore, and I'm always so tired when I'm home. I'm hoping that soon I'll start feeling better, but since the stupid neck surgery, I've just been feeling pretty crummy...

Ok, enough of the whining... on to the blog!
Yesterday after physical therapy, I ran over to the consignment shop. Seems our little munchkin has gone from a size 4 shoe to size 6 shoe overnight! So I picked her up a few pairs of size 6 & size 7, just in case! I also got her an adorable halloween costume. I didn't want to spend a fortune, since she really has no clue about halloween just yet... glad I found what I did. I think it's the cutest! Today I tried it on her to make sure I did ok size wise! From the grin on her face, I think she liked it... and after I was done taking pictures, I tried to take it off her and she was NOT happy!

After the pumpkin suit, she decided it was time to play with the baby powder... every night when I change her for bed, I let her put some powder on her hands and she wipes it all over her legs & tummy. Today she decided her feet needed powder too!

She then decided she needed to wear socks for the rest of the evening... Yes, I took them off before she went to sleep!

She also seem to have this obsession with her thermometer... she likes to try to take her own temperature! Nope, no fever!

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