Monday, May 04, 2009

Teddy Bears Picnic

Ok, so I just stole these pictures from my friend Lori's blog... but I just loved them, and I'm pretty sure she won't mind.

Sunday we had an awesome time at Lakes Park with our friends who have also adopted little girls from China & Vietnam.

From left to right we have Hailey, Hannah, Taylor, Rachel, Amelia and Kaylie. Rachel loves water, but not when it splashes her, so this bench was a real challenge for her.

The picnic was really great. Lori & John were there with their girls Amelia & Kaylie, and Trish was there with her 3 little beauties - Hailey & Hannah from Vietnam, and Taylor who is our newest arrival from China! The girls all got along great. Rachel was a little stand-offish, but I think it's just because she is the youngest, and the other girls can all communicate with each other.

Rachel was still kinda stuck to me like glue! So even though the water park was meant for the kids to enjoy, I got soaked too. Good thing it was warm out so I didn't mind getting wet!

After we all played in the water, we had our picnic. We had to wait for daddy to get there with our food, but in the meantime, Rachel sat on a blanket under a tree and nibbled on some crunchy snacks... and dug her hands into the dirt! yummy!

When it was time for everyone to go home, hugs & kisses were shared by all the girls. They were really TOO CUTE!

After leaving the park, it was time to go to Nana & Papa's for a good old fashioned Italian dinner... Spaghetti, Meatballs & Sausage... way too much food as usual, but it was all yummy. And Rachel sure loved playing with Mom's friends Linda & Tony. We had lots of fun blowing bubbles too. Wish I had not been so tired by then. I would have remembered to pull out the camera and take more pictures!

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Trish said...

Cute pictures, we had so much fun seeing everyone too! Maybe I'll get my pictures up on my blog today, just way too busy, lol! Lets make sure we get together again soon. Trish

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