Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Your Mother Should Know

We had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend! Started out Saturday going to my friend's son's 2nd birthday party. Rachel had her first real swim day! She absolutely LOVED the pool, which didn't surprise me since she has so much fun in the water...

And even Momma went in the pool! It was really very nice. The water was warm and the company was terrific!

She had a good time playing with Ben & the other kids at the party. Of course, all that sun & water just knocked her out, so by the time we were headed for home, she was zonked out!

Then of course, we celebrated Mother's Day on Sunday. I got beautiful roses with balloons, and a DVD. And I think my favorite gift was getting to sleep in! I slept for 5 whole hours and it was just wonderful!
After waking up, it was time to get dressed and go pick up my mom. We all went to a local seafood place (Ariel's) and had their Lobster Special for dinner. It was way yummy... although Rachel decided she is not ready for lobster. She had french fries & grouper fingers instead.
Then today (Monday) we had Chris Cifatte from Wink News came back to film another segment with us! This is becoming a new hobby! Today's subject was online coupon codes. I think they shot much more footage of Rachel the last time, and I have no idea when this one will air, but like last time, I'll post a link when it's available!
We may do another one next time about reading emails for pay and taking surveys for pay... just wish they could use my referal links so I could get the credit for them!

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