Monday, March 09, 2009

Taking Care of Business

Wow... what a busy weekend we had! Saturday we went to Tasi's baby shower. That was lots of fun, and Rachel had a great time playing with some of Jack's toys! Now I have to find the one where the balls pop out of the top and go back down the tube...
she had a great time with that one! She also liked playing with Jack's matchbox cars, only she would hold them up to her ear like a cell phone!
After we came home from Tasi's shower, I left her with her daddy so I could catch some sleep before work.
Sunday morning, I got home from work and was actually really glad we had daylight savings! Because now it is still REALLY dark when I get home, so Rachel was still sleeping! I actually got to take a quick 2 hour nap before it was time to get up with her. We got up, dressed her all nice and pretty, and headed to Tommy's church for our baby shower! His church decided to wait until we were home for a while before having a shower for us. It was really nice. They had little finger sandwiches and punch, and then they had a beautiful (and yummy) cake.
Rachel got some beautiful clothes and adorable stuffed toys. She also got a few books and cd's. It was really nice. And we found out that the church picnic will be in a couple of weeks, and they all asked if we would be there. I remember going last year and it was really nice... so of course, we will be there this year!

After the shower, Tommy watched Rachel while I ran some errands. (Really exciting stuff... I bought a new shower head! WOOHOO!)
When I came home, we had lots of excitement. Rachel decided it was time to finally start REALLY walking! She spent the next 45 minutes just walking back and forth from one end of the family room to the other. First walking to momma, then to daddy.... and back and forth and back and forth... each time she would just giggle and laugh! and naturally, so would her daddy and I! By the time she decided to go back to crawling, she was totally exhausted. It was a quick dinner and then off to bed for our little future olympic runner! LOL
After she went to bed, we had dinner, but I was so totally exhausted, I almost fell asleep in my plate. So by 9pm, I decided I would rather sleep then eat. I plopped on the couch, put my laptop on my lap, and proceeded to fall asleep... hand on mouse and all... Tommy finally woke me at 2am to go to bed!
Today I decided it was finally time to get Rachel's ears pierced. So I'm sitting here waiting for her to wake up from her nap... we are going to hit Target for some shopping time first, and then go to the mall and find a good place to get her ears done. Then we will probably go to visit her Nana and Grandpa for a little while.

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