Monday, March 16, 2009

Sleeping with the Television On

We had an amazing day today. Our local CBS news crew came to the house to interview me for a segment they are doing on shopping online with coupons! I answered a survey on their web site and long story short, they asked if they could interview me. It was pretty cool! Rachel, of course, was the little star of the show. They took lots of tape of her playing with her Elmo doll, playing with Penny out in the yard, playing the piano... She was quite the little ham! I am just sorry I completely forgot to pull out my camera to take a shot of her with the newscaster! I wanted to put it in her Life Story book! (Something that is just a vision in my head at the moment... I haven't actually started it)
After Chris Cifatte and his camerman left, my mom and our friend Linda stopped over for a little visit. Of course, Nana had to play with her little munchkin, and Rachel just loved it. After they left, we just played some more... until she BIT ME! My adorable little child actually chomped down on the back of my leg while I was pouring her a drink!
She also did something this morning that totally blew my mind. I had no idea kids could be so... manipulative... at such a young age!
Every morning we have a routine. Before I take her out of her crib, we have to play with Elmo. It's an Elmo Live doll. So I have to turn it on and push his buttons so he will sing, dance, and tell her how much he loves her... ok, so when that little deal is over, I shut Elmo and take her out of her crib to get her changed and dressed. Well, today she did not want to stop playing with Elmo that soon. So she started to throw a little tantrum. Throwing herself down on the mattress, screaming, etc... now here is the funny part... she is sitting up, crying for Elmo... she then slowly leans forward to gently presses her head against the slats of the crib... then start screaming as if she really hit her head hard! She did this over and over! I almost cried from laughing so hard! (which of course, made her cry louder)
We got past this when I gave her something else to hold while I pulled her out of the crib... but wow... what an eye opener THAT was! We will have to put a stop to it, but for today... it was just too funny.

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Roey said...

Mom and Dad actually were watching the news and saw the segment! They said Rachel is beautiful and you look exactly the same! Hope all is well.


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