Friday, June 10, 2011

My Secret Garden

 The garden is finally starting to share!  We are really doing well with the Banana Peppers.  This is just today's batch... I've been roasting them with a little oil & a tiny bit of fresh ground sea salt... they are SO yummy!  and we are also getting a fair amount of cherry tomatoes!  Rach thinks they are "sooo cute!"

We also have about 8 eggplants but they aren't big enough yet... also the 3 regular size tomato plants are LOADED... just waiting for them to turn red & hoping we get to them before the birds or bugs do!

We have 1 melon too, but I'm not sure it will survive. Nothing on the cucumbers, and our beans are... well, not worth it since we are only getting one at a time! kinda hard to incorporate 1 bean into a meal!
Hopefully, we will get the full bounty of the garden relatively soon.  Next up will be broccoli & cabbage... but not till it starts to cool down... a LOT!

Oh by the way... Every now and then I like to explain a bit about this journal... for instance, not sure if you all have noticed, but every post title is a song title. Some are obvious, but some are REALLY obscure... I like to mix it up a bit. 
I try to keep things interesting, or at least share some good pictures, but bare with me if sometimes I let things get a little personal.  After all, this journal is really for Rach for when she grows up. I'm trying to find a way to save the whole thing in a book or something, but until then, This is it!

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