Thursday, June 23, 2011

Daddy's Home

Because of some very sad circumstances, we have to do Father's Day as a 2 parter.  Tommy's Uncle Chuck passed away so he had to fly up north to go to the funeral & won't be home until VERY late tonight... SO.... our FIRST Father's Day celebration was with my parents & some of their friends.  We went to a local restaurant called Pete's Steakhouse.  My folks had been there before & said the food was really good.  

 Well, after what we went thru, that was the first and LAST time we will ever go THERE!!!  I understand it was a holiday, but the place was NOT jammed.  We had a 5:30 reservation and were seated quickly.  That was the first & last quick thing about this night! 

We started getting very restless after waiting OVER AN HOUR just to get our ORDERS taken!  It was ANOTHER hour before we even got a SALAD!  We complained, & were pretty much blown off... We had to get up and ask someone for refills on drinks, & when the food DID arrive, it wasn't at all what we expected. And after all that, they didn't so much as offer us a free dessert!  Towards the end, the waitress made a lame apology, but I was SURE it was only to try to salvage any hope of a tip.
I don't even think they bothered to ask if we wanted coffee!  Good thing we had already planned on going back to mom & dad's for dessert!

We had coffee & cake at my parents house, and I decided to hang around there until it was time to go to the airport to get Tommy.  His plane was due in at midnight.
Well, as our luck always seems to run, his flight ended up delayed.  Rachel insisted on coming with me to the airport, so I put her down for a nap at my parents.  When we finally got to the airport, we found out they lost Tommy's carry on bag (which they said he had to check at the gate because they ran out of room in the overheads).  By the time he did all the paperwork, etc., it was after 2am before he got in the car... OY... NOT the best Father's day, but surely not the worst!  Next week, Father's Day part 2... when we go to Olive Garden :-)  Hope it turns out less stressed!

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