Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Pirate Song

So the other day, our little princess made a special request for lunch... she wanted SUSHI!!!  Yes, she IS her mommy's daughter!  Anyway, I remembered seeing great pictures on our friend Sophie's blog of her beautiful Zia eating with chopsticks, and I remembered that I still had these chopsticks that the sweet girls from our favorite Chinese restaurant had made up for her... the cheaters chopsticks with the rubber band and folded napkin in the top half to make it easy for the kids to use them!  So, we sat down and had a yummy sushi lunch together!She had no problem with the kids chopsticks at all!  She DID inform me in no uncertain terms, that pickled ginger was no longer to be served on HER plate!  Well, it is an acquired taste after all...
So besides her sushi, she was also very thrilled to have a nice bowl of watermelon too... one of her favorite fruity snacks!  After lunch & nap, it was time to play once again.
She's been watching her shows on Nick Jr, and they have been showing some "Pirate" episodes lately... so this is her Pirate face... she squishes her one eye closed and says "ARGH"  "I am a pirate, Mommy!"

Then she just makes herself giggle! She can be SO silly sometimes!  Oh, and did ya notice how quickly she lost the hair clip?  Sure hope she eventually changes her mind about letting me do her hair for longer!

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