Saturday, June 12, 2010

Flower in the Sun

Today was just a nice day for hanging around, playing, checking out the local critters, etc.  Here is Rach, showing me her new little friend - a cute little lizard that was hanging on the window screen!  She got SO excited!   The funniest was after the lizard showed off his little dewlap (the neck the bulges when the lizard is either upset, startled, or showing off), Rach started making faces thinking that was the lizard's tongue!  I couldn't stop laughing! 
After our lizard lesson, it was time to go outside to play!  She SO loves to play on her playground!
I was thrilled when the first thing she did was bring me a little flower... ok, so it was a weed, but it was the sweetest thing ever!  She was SO happy to bring it to me!

So we spent some time playing outside (as much as we could stand, since it was SO FREAKIN HOT OUTSIDE!!!)
It was then time to start prepping dinner!  My favorite little helper was right there to lend a hand!  We were making stuffed artichokes and she was so excited to help!
She mixed the breadcrumbs and then it was time for her favorite part!  Stuffing the Artichoke!!

She even enjoyed eating it once I scraped the leaves for her. Good thing I steamed them before we stuffed them!  Anyway, she enjoyed it, but I think next time we will use artichoke hearts instead... a LOT less work eating! LOL...

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