Saturday, March 13, 2010

Rocky Raccoon

Another week come and gone... wow, it's amazing how time flies! I finally decided to take a little of Rachel's nap time to do a little blogging...
We really haven't done a lot this week, but since I promised to keep up with the blog at least weekly, well, here I am!
The most excitement we've had around here this week is the resident raccoon stopping by for a visit. Our dear neighbor Cheryl moved away on Thursday (VERY sad about this... she was an awesome neighbor, and we are ALL going to miss her a lot!!!). Anyway, before she left, she asked if we would put her trash out on garbage day so it wouldn't have to sit around HER house all week... well, we got it near our fence and then left it for Tommy to move to the other side of our house. In the meantime Rocky decided to help himself to a little snack! Naturally I called animal control, since I was very familiar with the "fact" that a raccoon out in the daytime is always Rabid... well, come to find out, that doesn't hold true here in the tropical south! Raccoons will come out whenever they have an opportunity to eat... day OR night... The people at CROW (wildlife rehab place) advised that we shouldn't worry unless he starts looking drunk... I thought that was pretty funny... (especially since he hasn't been, so I stopped worrying)

So other than that, Rachel is still just as amazingly cute as ever... She is picking up a few more words in Spanish & Chinese every day thanks to Dora & Kai-Lan... and of course, she is chatting in English constantly! She's just the cutest little munchkin... and she is becoming quite the little helper too! She is very quick to point out when something spills. And then she insists on wiping up the spill with a paper towel, and even throws the towel into the trash for me! I just wish she was that clean with everything else! LOL... her room is in a constant state of turmoil. When we ask her to put her toys away in her room, she is very good about it... she will carry the item as far as her bedroom door... then she just throws it in on the floor! So basically, its a war zone!
But if you ask her to do something specific... for example, this morning I handed her the multipack of toilet paper in the laundry room and asked her to put it into the master bathroom. She can follow those directions perfectly. But ask her to put her shoes back in her closet and you would think I spoke to her in Greek! Oh well... I'm sure she will catch on more over time. She also still LOVES music, and is constantly dancing. She sings too, making up words to her own songs. She's amazing and I am SO glad that I am getting the chance to stay home with her, even if it's just for a little while...
Speaking of... I am going to be trying to get an appointment with some Dr's up in Boston to see if they can figure out what to do next for me. I am not willing to let this be it as far as my leg & back etc... and there is no WAY I'll be letting the Dr's down here take another "Stab" at me...
Oh well, that's about it for now. More pictures will be posted as soon as possible!

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