Monday, March 08, 2010

County Fair

Sunday at the Fair... We had a great time at the Lee County Fair. Spent the day there with Margie, her kids, and her grandkids. Of course, I was a total dodo and forgot to bring my camera. The pictures here are from my cell phone and from Vanessa's digital camera... I'll scan in the real film photo's Nikki took after I get them! Oh, and THANKS girls, for taking pictures for me.
Rach had a terrific time going on all the rides with her Daddy. And of course, she LOVED all the yummy Fair Foods! She shared a Turkey leg with her daddy, had cotton candy with Margie's grandkids, and she totally LOVED seeing all the 4-H animals! She pet all the goats, and got a kick out of the different chickens, roosters, ducks geese, etc... AND she knew what each one was!
We also lucked out with the weather! It's been really cold for Florida, but it warmed up for the afternoon. Of course, it started getting chilly again when the sun went down, but we were ready with her blankie.
Last year when we were at the county fair, it was FREEZING out, but we still had fun... and it also prepared me for THIS year. I remembered to pack blankie in her diaper bag.
Oh... and while I'm on the diaper subject... I am writing an evil letter to the Huggies people... I was trying to change Rachel, and 2 out of the 3 diapers I brought with us RIPPED when I was barely pulling on the sticky tabs! Oh MAN was I pissed!

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