Friday, March 19, 2010

My Funny Friend and Me

It's been another fun filled week here in paradise. I've spent the better part of it feeling miserable with a toothache. Went to the dentist this morning and lucky me, I get to go back on Monday to have 2 teeth removed... I'm so NOT looking forward to this. So that's the bad part of the week... on to the GOOD parts!
Last night was fantastic, despite the pain. We went with Margie & Charlie to see Jeff Dunham! He is so freakin funny!!! First we all met my parents for dinner at the Chinese Buffet. When it was time to go, my parents took Rachel back to our house, and we headed to the Arena... and the bumper to bumper traffic. We got a great parking spot, headed inside and even enjoyed the little bit of the opener! He travels around with Jeff & also has bit parts in the regular act. He brought out all the regulars and even brought out Bubba, who apparently he hasn't used in his act lately. The show was absolutely FANTASTIC. We had a great time. And at the end of the performance, Jeff uses this... well, I guess it was like a giant air gun... and shoots t-shirts out to the audience... Now let me explain this... we are in a stadium arena... it's HUGE... we are almost at the opposite end of a football field from the stage. Anyway, he starts shooting this gun full of t-shirts. He's got them rolled & wrapped in tape. They really flew across the stadium! So naturally, he shoots the gun right towards my head! Seriously, it was coming right for my face... so I ducked... then the shirt hit Margie, bounced off of her and Charlie caught it! It was a really cool Achmed the Dead Terrorist shirt.
We got home relatively early, thank goodness. Between my tooth & my other issues, I was a hurtin camper, but I am still so glad we had a nice night out. It was just good to have a 'Grown up" night out. Don't get me wrong... we LOVE doing things with Rach... she is SO easy to take places... but that was absolutely NOT the kind of thing I would take her to...
Speaking of our little munchkin, this weekend, her daddy and her "uncle" Charlie are going to pick up a new(er) swing set! One of mom's friends is giving it to us, along with a little playhouse. It's gonna be SO much fun! She already loves the swing set we have, but this other one is bigger and stronger, and will last a lot longer, no doubt. We are going to put the other swing set on Freecycle, so some other child can enjoy it. I'm really looking forward to seeing Rachel's face when she sees the new goodies! I'll post pictures, for sure!

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