Monday, December 21, 2009

Magical Mystery Tour

Rachel got up yesterday and decided she wanted to help decorate the big tree with Mommy. She searched through the ornament box till she found the ones she liked, and she then found the perfect place to put them!
We still have TONS of ornaments left to put up, but we're getting there!
After working on the tree for a while, it was time to head over to Centennial Park to celebrate Baby J & Arora's birthdays! We had lots of fun playing on the playground at the park! Rachel sure does LOVE to slide!

Oh, and it's not that she was going so fast, but by the time she reached the bottom of the slide, the static electricity built up so much that all her hair was standing up on her head! It was SO funny!

We had lots of fun on the playground until a bunch of "big kids" came and that was our cue to leave! Oh, and by the way... it was the first time we ever went to a toddler's birthday party and had the cops called on us! Oh yeah, it was a priceless moment! Apparently, another group had reserved the pavillion and rather than come talk to ANY of us, they opted to call FMPD to "handle" us. As it turns out, we were using 3 tables, they were only using 2, and there were still like 5 or 6 more tables that were empty! So once the police spoke to them, they decided "they were ok with us being there" as long as we didn't have any more guests show up! TOO FUNNY!!!
After we came home from the birthday party, we had a light dinner and then it was time for playing some more! (We sure love Sunday's when Daddy is home and we get to be a family all day!) So Rachel wanted to play on her little slide & swing set that we keep on the Lanai, but it was really starting to get chilly out... so I asked if she wanted to wear her hat! She LOVES it and even wanted to try on the mittens too! She never really got to use these last year when I bought them, but since they stretch out far enough to fit ME, well, I knew it would work out well!
Anyway, she liked them so much that today at nap time, she actually asked to wear them again, only this time to BED!!
I snapped this picture after about an hour... I guess she had to take off the mitten in order to suck her thumb!
Tonight, she will be spending some time with Mimi, while I take Aunt Margie to hear my friend Chris perform at the Naples Philharmonic! The show is called "Classical Mystery Tour" and it's a fabulous event. I am really excited to get to see this show again. Chris and the rest of the group are great, and what could be better than the Beatles music performed with an Orchestra!

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