Friday, December 11, 2009

Chanukah Song Pt 1

Today was a good day... Margie came over early, and helped me out. We had a big project for today. We spent today making cookies. Lots of cookies... but we still have lots more to make! This was my first time ever making cookies with cookie cutters... ok, stop laughing! First I had to make my traditional Pizzelle's. I make these every year and give them as gifts to special friends! :-)
So while Rachel was napping, Margie and I made Pizzelle's together. This is a project I didn't want to let Rach help with, since the cookies have to be made with a hot iron. NOT the kind of thing I think she is ready for just yet!

After cookie baking was over, it was time for Rachel & I to light our candles for the first night of Chanukah. Before she was even born, Margie bought this Menorah for her from Disney. She has her very own Mickey & Minnie Menorah! WooHOO!
I wanted to make Latkes with her, but after a day of cookies and flour all over my kitchen & dining area, I decided Latkes could wait! Maybe Sunday... that's when our little princess will be getting a really cool Chanukkah present... a swing set! Ok, so I posted on freecycle that I was looking for one. For the first time (I've posted this request a half dozen times over the past year) I finally got a response! Someone relatively close by actually replied that we could have the set that is in his yard! We are SO excited about this. Its not a huge set, and it's not the prettiest or anything... it needs some painting & cleaning up... but for now, this will make an AWESOME gift for her... especially after we saw just how much she loved playing on the set up at the park! I have a feeling she is going to be a very happy little girl!

All in all, I think we had an awesome day. I am SO glad she is now in bed. Because there is not a square inch of my entire body that doesn't hurt right now! LOL... I'm thinking it's going to be a relatively early night.

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