Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Horse with No Name

What an awesome day we had today. Thanks to Aunt Margie who told us about going to a local horse stable to spend the day riding & playing games, Rachel had her first ever experience riding a horse (ok, it was a pony, but hey, at her size, what's the difference, right?). They even had Santa ride up on horseback! (According to Arora, Margie's granddaughter, it was even the REAL Santa because he knew she liked Cats!). Santa gave each of the kids a gift bag to take home.
Oh MAN... she LOVED LOVED LOVED it. So much, that when her turn was over, she had a total meltdown because she had to get off the horse! Lucky for her, there was a really short line for the little pony, so she got to ride 4 times! I see riding lessons in this little peanut's future! Just like her Momma... she LOVES riding horseback! I am SO glad. We had so much fun, especially with Aunt Margie & Arora too! Arora really loved riding horses too! She actually rode all 3 horses! She was GREAT!

Oh, and besides all the horses, they also had a dog there by the name of Zeus... this dog was about that same size as the PONY Rachel was riding! I stood up next to him and felt like a midget! (ok, stop laughing... I know, I know... I AM a midget... but this was a freakin DOG for goodness sake! I SHOULD be taller than a DOG!!!)
After we were done riding, we all had lunch, and then it was time for the games. Rachel wasn't terribly interested in the games. She wanted to feed & pet all the horses that were wandering around the farm. She DID have fun running into the middle of the corral while the bigger kids were running the races. So she turned it into a bit of an obstacle course!
Another good thing about today was the temperature FINALLY went down! When we first arrived at the stables, it was about 66° according to the thermometer in the car. Naturally, it warmed up considerably before we left for home, but it was just a perfect day, weather and all!

By the time we got back to my house, Arora & Rachel were happy to play quietly with Rachel's art set. Good thing, since Margie & I were ready for a NAP!

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Sophia's Mama and Baba said...

she is adorable... it looks like she had a grand time :)

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