Saturday, January 02, 2010

Same Auld Lang Syne

On Monday, we had Margie, Charlie & all the kids over for our gift exchange. I made an extra tray of lasagna when I was cooking for mom's xmas eve party, and we actually finished just about all of it! Rachel got some really nice gifts, and so did we! It was a great evening!
Of course, the main topic of conversation had to be the fact that in just a little while, Margie & Charlie will be moving in down the block! They bought a houes 4 doors down from us! Yay!!! They should start moving in just after the New Year!

Before we went to China, my folks had started buying presents for the baby for Chanukkah. Last year, I gave her one of those presents - a cool little electric keyboard - but I never put the whole thing together... till yesterday. I finally got around to putting the stand and the seat together. There was also a microphone that came with it... Well, after putting all that together, it was as if she had a brand new toy! She LOVED the microphone! She actually would do a music countdown - grabbing the mic and saying one - two - three and then started singing into it! We have a budding rock star on our hands!

We welcomed in 2010 with our dear friends Margie & Charlie. Nothing spectacular, but comfortable. We made some finger foods, watched the ball drop, and relaxed. The boys actually had lots of work to do earlier in the afternoon, trying to install a new door in the garage. The old one had rotted away, so they were installing the new one for the past 2 days. It's looking pretty good, and Rach really enjoyed having "Unca Cha-lee" around! But poor Penny did NOT appreciate all the fireworks being shot off all over the neighborhood. She's such a whimp for a big dog!
New Years Day was a "do nothing" day... we lounged around the house, watched the Twilight Zone Marathon, and just relaxed. Heck, I never even got out of my PJ's! It was terrific. The whole family enjoyed relaxing... even
Penny! But they didn't leave any room for me!
And so, we start 2010...
I wish for all my family & friends a New Year full of peace, good health, love & prosperity...

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