Friday, November 06, 2009

Colour by Numbers

So Sunday was my Dad's birthday. We kept trying to get Rach to say Happy Birthday Papa, but she wanted nothing to do with that... We dressed her up in a beautiful purple dress her Auntie Marla gave her (in the pictures it looks white, but it was really a pretty lavendar!)
She now likes to do "Cheesey" face as soon as she sees the camera! She LOVES to pose! Maybe she needs an agent? lol...
We went to a really good little Italian restaurant for dinner... unfortunately, I got HORRIBLY sick after a few bites of birthday cake... it was really bad... and I felt so terrible because we were supposed to go back to my parents house after dinner but all I wanted to do was crawl home... I even let Tommy drive!
I literally went straight to bed when we got home. Tommy put Rach into her PJ's and put her to bed for me. I have no idea what set me off, but boy oh boy, was I miserable.
The next morning, I had to get up and drive all the way to Miami to pick up my friend Vicki from the airport. She was my neighbor but her & her hubby decided to retire to Panama! how cool...
Anyway, she was coming into the states to go shopping! LOL... So Rach & I drive across the alley to Miami airport. It really wasn't that bad a trip. Her flight was on time, so we picked her up and headed back home. Once we got into Cape, we were going to go for dinner, but when I went to change Rach, I discovered that she was soaked clear up to her NECK! Couldn't believe she didn't complain even a little! So I cleaned her up and let her drive home! LOL...
She was having so much fun sitting behind the wheel! Anyway, we got take out & headed home. Tuesday I was still feeling pretty lousy... not just my tummy, but then it started to feel like a head cold. Great... well, nobody else got sick, so I know it wasn't the food! Just me... oh well... Stayed home and stayed in bed and by Wednesday I was starting to feel better...
Today was just your average day... except Rach was showing off her skills with numbers! She can count almost to 20, and what totally amazed me was when she started flipping through her "Ten Little Ladybugs" book and no matter what page she landed on, she correctly told me the number that was on that page! So it's not just that she memorized the numbers in order... she really does know what each number is and what it looks like! I am impressed! My beautiful little genius!

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