Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Workin for the Weekend

I can't believe another weekend is over. Boy, those 2 days off sure do fly by. Rachel and I had lots of fun while I was off. First of all, she is TOTALLY walking by herself now! She no longer NEEDS to hold anyone's hand or finger to go anywhere. She still wants to grab my hand sometimes, but mainly to drag me into the room to play. One of her new favorite things is at least once a day she takes my hand and leads me into MY bedroom. Then she wants to be THROWN onto the bed, where we play trampoline, and pretend to take a nap (complete with fake snoring!)
She also likes to go to her own room and set off all the musical toys at once. Then she dances to them all. It is pretty funny... and loud!

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We are the proud parents of a beautiful little girl. I have not stopped smiling since the moment they placed her in my arms. We adopted her Sept 2008 and it's been nothing but wonderful! She is the best reason to open my eyes every day! Currently living in SW Florida. I've also become a MAJOR Twilight junkie, so now I'm told I'm a TWI-MOM & I LOVE it!

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Our Daughter Rachel MeiLi
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