Friday, December 05, 2008

Movin Out

So I spent all day today and last night helping my friends move out of their house... It was nuts... and I am definitely paying the price now... my back hurts clear down to my ankles. But they are the most terrific people we know down here and I would do it again in a heartbeat...
My folks were MORE than happy to babysit, so that made it so much easier. Tomorrow Tommy will go over there to see if they need any more help. Our friends were moving into a new apartment down by the beach, and their daughter and her family were moving to a new house in the total opposite direction. Needless to say, it was not a lot of fun.
I already asked Tommy if he would rub my back tonite with icy-hot... boy, do I feel OLD.

Oh.. Rachel has a new little "trick". She has learned to whistle like Mommy! It started with her just puckering her lips and saying "OH" but then she kept watching me while I was whistling songs to her and this morning when she woke up, she puckered and puckered and finally started to blow and a whistle came out! She looked almost as surprised as I was!

She is also still having fun winking at people. Whenever she looks at her Grandpa, she winks at him over and over. It is hilarious...
Nothing much else happening here. Tomorrow I hope to have an easier day. Of course, I really have to get this house cleaned up so I will probably just take the morning "off" and start after the little dumpling wakes from her nap... the fun just keeps on coming.. :-)

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