Sunday, December 07, 2008

Little Child

Once again, I am amazed at how lucky we are that we got such a perfect child. Today was a really bad day as far as my back pain. It got so bad I actually took 1-1/2 pain pills as soon as Rachel went down for her nap ( so I could try to lay down too ). The pain was so bad the pills did nothing for me... I was so afraid that once Rachel woke up, I'd be hurting too much to play with her... well, apparently she can tell when Mama is hurting. She sat with me on the couch, played most of the time gently with me, watched tv with me (I put in Rudolph the red nosed reindeer and frosty the snowman for her) and was just the most awesome baby all day until daddy came home from his holiday shopping trip. It was incredible...
After he came home, we went to the Chinese buffet with my folks and Margie & Charlie. Tommy carried the baby and really took care of her until we got to the restaurant... then my mom took over and it was great. She fed Rachel for me and the waitresses spent the entire time at our table playing with her and keeping her laughing between every spoonful!
She is just so wonderful... we couldn't be happier...

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Mysty and Anthony said...

That is so funny...I have said the same thing about Olivia..really, no joke!! When I am feeling really bad, she plays by herself (in the room with me) brings me her play food to eat, watches TV, and doesn't even wander off...I was so amazed the first time she did it.'s just those ChenZhou babies...they are soooo wonderful and love their mommy's! HAHAHA
I am so sorry your back is so bad. I sure hope you get something to help it soon. I'm glad your parents are close..mine, including in-laws, are 7 hours north and south of us, so we don't get much help! Have to love the parents..and way to go daddy!! Feel better soon!

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