Monday, April 04, 2011

Hot Hot Hot

Stuck my head outside & realized just how hot it was out.  Well, guess it's time to start jumping in the pool again!  Margie & Ness came by with Baby James to take Rach out for a bike ride.  We decided after they went around the block on bikes and then had lunch, it was a good time to swim.  Ok, so I forgot the fact that the air may have been sweltering hot but the pool water was... well... NOT... it was FREAKIN COLD!!!!  Glad Ness had more guts than me & was willing to get all the way into the water!  It always amazes me how the kids don't seem to notice the cold AT ALL!!!

It was the first swim of 2011. Too cold for me, but our little fish was more than happy to put up with the chilly waters...   She is an expert as long as she's wearing her floaties! LOL... she actually swims the whole pool really well!   Good thing, since we had to throw all the pool toys into the garbage after they died from being in the hot Florida sun!!

Oh, and just take a look at the goofy grin on this kid when she is happily swimming!

 Time to wrap up & dry off... I think she was so tired she would have fallen asleep like this!
And of course, after a good hard swim, there is the mandatory "Baby Cheese" snack!

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