Saturday, January 30, 2010


Once again, I'm scolding myself for waiting so long between posts. It's not as if I haven't got the time, since I've been home on disability... I guess it's just that the days get away from me... Right... no excuse... I'm sorry... Ok, I can chalk it up to old age. After all, I DID just have another birthday this week!

We had lots going on around here since I last posted. First, Margie & Charlie FINALLY closed on their new home, and spent all week moving in. I felt so incredibly guilty because I really wanted to help, but with my back the way it is, I knew better... it actually hit me that the last time they moved was the start of my most recent back problems! Tommy helped a little, but unfortunately, their big moving days were the same days we were celebrating mom's birthday and mine.
Last Saturday was mom's birthday. She decided she wanted to go on the gambling boat, so Margie volunteered to babysit! My folks gave me a little cash for my birthday and believe it or not, I only gambled $10 in the slots and came home with the rest! For the first time, I really was not in the mood to gamble. I didnt feel lucky and wasn't willing to lose! Tommy isn't a big gambler either, so all in all, it wasn't a bad night! Although everyone agreed the food on a Saturday night is not half as good as any other night of the week!
Sunday Linda & Tony invited us all to their house for dinner. Linda is a fantastic cook, and made a yummy dinner including the pork bones my mom & I both love so much. Dad also brought a birthday cake for mom and Rachel was MORE than happy to help blow out the candles!
On Tuesday, it was my turn. My folks actually gave up their regular Tuesday night movie night, and took me out to the Chinese buffet for dinner... yum! Rach had a great time too, and decided to create her own soup concoction. Her favorite dish is Egg Drop Soup with Wontons & peel & eat shrimp! Of course, the shrimp must be carefully ripped into bite size pieces! LOL...
Then on Wednesday, my girlfriends took me to lunch... it was so nice to sit and chat with them! Wednesday was also Charlie's birthday, and we had a great night! Margie & Charlie took Rachel & I to Outback Steakhouse for dinner... I absolutely adore their "Walk-about" Creamy Onion Soup - and now, so does Rachel! She also loved my shrimp scampi! A splendid time was had by all!
Today, we are having a play date with Rachel & Margie's granddaughter Arora! The girls had a great time playing on the swings and on the slide until the rain started. Now they are inside playing so well together with the chalk board and the farm... Tommy's putting in some overtime, so maybe we will have a little spending money for our trip to Chicago! Oh yeah... we are going to spend Chinese New Year in Chicago with Victoria & Paul & the kids! I am SO SO SO excited! So we will have TONS of pictures and updates then, but that is 2 whole weeks away! I will try to be much better about posting before then! :-)

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