Thursday, December 02, 2010

(You Say it's Your) Birthday

My little princess is THREE YEARS OLD TODAY!!!  Time sure is flying by!  I felt really bad because we are on the road for her birthday this year, so she's not really getting a birthday party.  But then I realized, she's actually having SEVERAL birthday celebrations! 
Today is her actual birthday, and we are at our friends Brian & Debbie's house.  Rach LOVES it here, especially because she gets to play with their dog, Roscoe! 

The fireplace added such a lovely feel to the evening.  I miss that too... we used to have a beautiful fireplace at my parents house in NJ
 And Rach was happy to be wearing her Reindeer PJ's!
 Here is the first of many of Rachel's 3rd Birthday cakes!  It was a very yummy little cake!  Especially after having yummy Lasagna for dinner!! 

 Our wonderful friends, Brian & Debbie. They never fail to open their home to us whenever we come to NJ.  They are SO sweet! 
 Popeye eating cake?  LOL... she loved it, and especially enjoyed reading her Dora book while she munched away on sweet cake!
Don't these two look like they are trying to talk their way out of trouble?  Haha.... That's her buddy Roscoe, looking all sorts of cute!  They sure got along great!
We had a fantastic (but short) visit with Brian, Debbie & Roscoe. 
It was a really nice way to spend Rachel's 3rd birthday.  That was her first 3rd birthday... on to the 2nd third birthday next!

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