Saturday, October 09, 2010


It was a banner day!  Rachel FINALLY went poop on the potty!!!  We are trying a new technique (which is not really working well yet) but if she tells us she has to go and then actually GOES, we are giving her a little treat.  Well, for pooping, she gets a lollipop (the first time it was a tootsie pop... all subsequent rewards will be those little tiny DumDum pops!)
I know that she will surely be out of diapers before she goes to high school, but in the meantime, we had agreed not to force anything on her... She HAS been showing an interest, and actually tells us when she has to go at night before bed or before bath time... the problem we have is she does NOT tell us when she needs to poop, no matter what time of day, and hardly ever tells us about having to pee during the day.    So when she actually did everything she was supposed to this time, I was ready to have a party!

She came close to having to share her lollipop with her best friend!
Despite the obvious grin on Penny's face, she never did actually get a taste of the lollipop!

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