Sunday, August 01, 2010

Clam Caravan

What a fantastic Sunday... first, we had an amazing yummy breakfast of bacon and blueberry pancakes!  Marla made them with the blueberries we all helped pick!  How cool... and according to Rachel, it was "DEEEE-licious!"

After we finished breakfast, it was off to the beach to try our hand at clamming!  So here is the funny part... Daniel couldn't find the clamming license (yes, you actually need to get a license to collect clams from the beach).  He insisted it was no problem because nobody ever stops him.  Marla kept telling him to stop saying that or he'd jinx himself... well, sure as could be, we weren't there 15 minutes when the "Clam Police" came over to ask for our license! LOL...  Here is Uncle Daniel talking to the officer!

We only stayed for about an hour... in that time, Marla found a few clams, Daniel found LOTS of clams, and Rachel and I?  Well, we had a fun time digging in the sand!
It wasn't the white powdery sand we have down in Florida, but it was fun to dig in!

We had some of the smaller clams for dinner, and the rest are destined for chowder... 
It was a nice day at the beach


Shazia said...

she is a chip off the old block, so cute!!!!

Diane said...

Aside from your back troubles, glad to see you all having fun at the beach! Are you home yet? I really need to pick up the phone and give you a call! Miss you!
Di and Bingy!

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