Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Brave & Crazy

What a long crazy day!  First & most important, Happy Birthday to my awesome Mom!  We had a conversation a couple of days ago and she admitted she really did not expect to make it to this birthday.  I had to be honest with her and admit that I didn't think so either... it was a strange moment for us both... but SO grateful she fooled all those naysayer doctors!  Cancer isn't going to kick HER to the curb without some major fighting!

 So here's how the day played out!

Tommy took off from work because I had to go in for a Colonoscopy & Endoscopy.  Not allowed to drive home from that... Mom & Dad went to pick up Rach from school... She was SO excited about it because she had been telling everyone it was her Nana's birthday & she couldn't wait for all her friends to meet her Nana!  (Especially after just a short time ago, she was telling them all that her Nana was going to die!!!!  Yes, she really did share that with all her Pre-K friends! We had discussed it so much at home since we were all so sure it was really inevitable!  Thank G-D the doctors were scaring us prematurely! )

Well, Nana got a little confused when she headed into the class... she was using her walker even though she was on the stairs... and she ended up taking a MAJOR fall, landing really hard on her back & slashing open her hand pretty badly... She was SO lucky that she didn't break anything!  She was feeling pretty lousy the rest of the night but insisted on continuing with our plans... We all went to the Chinese Buffet (yes, I know... gee, what a shock, right?)  with about 10 or 11 of her friends... It was a nice little crowd!  Rach had a great time & ate herself silly, of course... because she REALLY wanted the Green Tea ice cream!!

All in all, despite all the little medical distractions, Mom's birthday turned out ok... here is a little video from the restaurant (they do this for all birthdays). I forgot my camera so this is actually the only proof we have that it was a good day LOL

Mom's birthday bash at Asia Buffet (and mine too, I guess lol)

Saturday night we will be hitting the Japanese Hibachi/Sushi place in town to celebrate MY birthday... Rachel says she can't wait for good sushi! Is she REALLY only 5 years old?  LOL

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