Sunday, October 23, 2011

Endless Vacation

Ok,  this will be the first of several posts about our trip... After all the insanity of trying to get ready, making repairs to things we didn't expect to repair so soon, & just the typical panic of going on a vacation, we finally headed out for what would later be known as the RV trip from Hell
trying to get our two "kids" to buckle into the club chair... eventually, Penny pushed Rach right out of the seat.  So they both ended up on the couch instead!  Glad the rules of the road are different in an RV... 

 Rachel finally got what she has been asking for forever... She got to sleep with Penny.  Of course now, I don't think she'll ask again. Penny has a habit of squishing her when they share the bed!
Penny wasn't terribly thrilled with the RV.  Thank goodness Zulema gave us some really good advice.  We found that if we give Penny a couple of Benydryl, she is MUCH happier about riding on the "Big Bus".  We didn't give her enough to knock her out or anything like that, but just enough to settle her down.  But once we stopped & got out of the RV, Penny would immediately claim her rightful post... Mounted on the dashboard, waiting for us to return!

 It was great spending some time with Brian and Debbie... and of course, ROSCOE!  This time, of course, we had Penny with us to share the fun with Roscoe.
Looking forward to watching Brian's band rehearse over the weekend!

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