Sunday, August 07, 2011

 It was another dinner out with Nana & Papa... tonight, we went to Applebee's (gotta love BOGO coupons!). 
It was almost comical, but our waiter was practically flirting with Rachel all night long... ok, so it was comical and creepy at the same time..
 We all enjoyed our dinners. I always like going out to eat (not just for the obvious reason of not having to clean up the kitchen) because I get to enjoy my meal at LEAST 2 days!  And they wonder why American's suffer from obesity!  the portion sizes are nowhere NEAR the standard they should be, but I can't complain... I can never finish my meal (even sharing it with Rachel) so I get to enjoy the leftovers!
The good thing about creepy waiter guy paying so much attention to our table was, he was more than happy to take a family picture for us!  Thanks, creepy waiter guy!

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