Sunday, November 14, 2010

Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon

What a special time we had!  It was Juliette's Bat Mitzvah, and it was absolutely wonderful!  Rachel & I were both SO honored to be asked to participate in the Havdalah service after the ceremony.  I held the Havdalah candle, and Rachel carried the spice box to all the guests in the first row, and then held it HIGH above her head when Cantor Ann told her to!  She did an AMAZING job!  Unfortunately, we have no pictures from the ceremony itself, but naturally we took plenty of shots during the party after! 

 Steven & Alain couldn't make it in from France, but through the miracle of modern technology, (aka SKYPE) they were able to attend via computer!

 Rachel with the Bat Mizvah girl!  My beautiful Juliette (apparently her new BFF)
 Our Happy Family shot!

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