Tuesday, July 29, 2008

An Apple a Day

The pediatrician called this morning to say that they have prepared all the prescriptions for us to take to China. Hopefully we will have no need for any of it, but better safe than sorry. Two of the scripts are for powder forms of the meds so we only add water if we need to. Makes it easier to pack too...

Oh and our other Yippee news is that Rachel's Aunt Z will be coming to visit before we leave for China. She is going to relax by the pool and when it starts raining (as it does every day this time of year) she will be painting special things on the walls of the nursery. She is going to paint a sky and clouds on the ceiling (I've invisioned that forever) but I'm leaving the rest to her brilliant talents... Our main goal is to cut the PINK! I really love the color I painted the room, but it really is way more pink than I anticipated! so she will add some decorative things to make the pink less pink looking! LOL

And today I finally bought a camera! Chris at work will be thrilled to finally get his back, since he loaned it to me 3 long years ago (told me to keep it to take to China... didn't know then it would take this long!) I got a Canon G9, after one of the women on one of my adoption boards recommended it. It is really cool. It is a point and shoot, but you can actually add additional lenses to it! kind of the best of both worlds! a good point and shoot combined with a good DSLR. can't wait to play with it.

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